Superberries Health Tips: High and Low Impact Aerobics

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 11/2/2016 to Health Tips

Aerobic Exercise for the Heart
Aerobic exercise gets the heart pumping and boosts the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. Small blood vessels widen during aerobic exercise and allow a higher concentration of oxygen in the body to neutralize waste products within the body. Aerobic exercise assists with weight control. It reduces fatigue and increases stamina. It may boost immune system response and ward off viral infections. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Aerobic activity strengthens not only the larger muscle groups, but strengthens the heart as well. There are indications that aerobic exercise also contributes to lower cholesterol levels. Aerobic exercise boosts endorphins and improves mood, easing depression and reducing the instances of stress-related anxiety. It boosts longevity, keeps the muscles strong and improves mobility as a person ages. A daily dose of aerobic activity supplemented with Superberries Aronia Berries and a well-balanced diet can bring you a step closer to health and wellness.

High Impact Aerobics
High impact aerobic exercises are any exercise where both feet leave the ground on a regular routine basis. Running, skipping rope, jumping jacks and step aerobics are great examples of high impact aerobics. The intent of high impact aerobics is to maintain an elevated heart rate for 30 minutes or longer in order to increase oxygen flow throughout the body and build endurance and fitness. High impact aerobic exercises can build stronger bones, muscles and strengthen the heart. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases blood flow in the body. It can also strengthen the immune system and increase body energy. People with osteoporosis, cardiac conditions, auto-immune disorders, joint problems or other medical conditions related to the bones, joints and heart will want to consult with a physician before undertaking any high impact aerobic routine. High impact aerobics and a balanced diet supplemented with Superberries Aronia Concentrate are a “step” in the right direction to good cardiovascular health and wellness.

Low Impact Aerobics
Low impact aerobics generally have a much smaller risk of injury than high impact aerobics. Low impact aerobics will still work the cardiovascular system, but not at the intense level of high impact aerobics. A brisk walk, water aerobics, tai chi and riding a stationary bicycle riding are examples of low impact aerobic exercises. Low impact aerobics don’t put the stress and strain on the joints and bones that higher impact aerobics do. Low impact aerobics are generally recommended for beginners, the elderly and obese or overweight persons. The low impact aerobics will raise the heart rate levels somewhat, but not to the extreme that higher impact, higher intensity workouts will. Starting off with low impact aerobics is an excellent way to introduce the body to a fitness routine and get the body used to exercise. Gradually increase the level of intensity of the low impact workout over time to continually gain cardiovascular benefits from the workout and improve health and wellness. As always, consult with a physician before starting any exercise routine, and maintain fitness with exercise and a well-balanced diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia Berry products.