Aronia Berries Help With New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 1/18/2016 to Health Tips


Perhaps the most often made resolutions for the New Year are getting into better shape by joining a gym, starting a fitness program, eating right and losing weight. These are all noble goals to improve your health, boost energy and give a better outlook on life. Yet, the most important factor to remember in setting these goals is to set them realistically so that the resolutions made will not be broken.

Let's be honest, starting a new exercise routine generally comes with a trade-off of pain prior to the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. The pain that's part of any novice exercise routine can easily lead a person astray and give way to an air of discouragement, which in turn can bring an end to the resolution. However, an excellent, healthful resolution and natural way in which to help with workouts, boost recovery time and promote an all around healthier lifestyle is to add a chokeberry regimen to your daily diet.

In a number of studies, the aronia berry has been proven to support joint health. This may help with the sore joints and muscles generally associated with working out. It's a simple, natural and healthy way to reduce the sore muscles and pain that might overcome the best and most ardent intentions of a New Year's resolution.   

The choke berry may also aid in promoting weight loss. How's this possible? A single 100 gram serving of aronia berries contains nearly 17 grams of insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber from the chokeberry helps to promote weight loss by assisting in improving the overall digestive process. In other words, because the fiber takes longer to process in your digestive system, you feel full longer and are therefore less likely to snack or crave additional food between meals, thereby reducing your caloric intake.

The aronia berry is a perfect addition to a healthy diet as they're low in sugars and carbs and high in antioxidants. The chokeberry fits well with a number of various diets including the Paleo diet and it assists in cleansing the body of harmful free radicals promoting a sense of health and vitality.

As you can see, any serious New Year's resolution for health and vitality should also include the resolution of adding a regimen of the aronia berries given their multi-purpose uses in diet, exercise and weight loss. Their proven properties and their overall health benefits can assist, in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise, in leading you into a healthful, prosperous and productive New Year.