Aronia Berry Cherry Parfait

Posted by Superberries on 6/25/2021 to Aronia Berry Recipes

Aronia Berry Cherry Parfait

Superberries Recipes: Aronia Berry Cherry Parfait

Ingredients:  4 servings

1 1/4 cups halved pitted fresh cherries or thawed and drained frozen cherries

1 1/4 cups Superberries Frozen Aronia Berries, thawed and drained

2 tablespoon light brown sugar (or sweetener of your choice)

16 ladyfingers

1 cup nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt

4 tablespoons toasted sliced almonds


Toss cherries, Aronia berries and brown sugar in a medium bowl. Layer 2 ladyfingers, about 1/4 cup fruit mixture and 2 tablespoons yogurt in four 10- to 12-ounce tumblers or similar-size glasses. Repeat with another layer of ladyfingers, fruit and yogurt. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 1 day. Top each serving with 1 tablespoon almonds just before serving.  

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