7 Baking Hacks With Aroniaberries

Posted by Superberries on 11/24/2020 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Aroniaberry Dessert SauceThe holidays are just around the corner (5 weeks until Thanksgiving and 10 weeks until Christmas).  We’ve got some great ideas how you can dress up your desserts and baked goods with Aroniaberries. Aroniaberries are wonderful for your health, but they are also delicious to bake with and don’t lose much of their antioxidant power during baking. 

Aroniaberry Cranberry Nantucket Pie

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We fell in love with this Cranberry Nantucket  Pie this season and thought our Frozen Aroniaberries would add an exciting new flavor to this holiday pie. 

Aroniaberry Banana Bread Recipe

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  • Aroniaberry Banana Bread
  • Adding Superberries Aroniaberries to Banana Bread gives this traditional bread recipe a berry wonderful flavor.  Plus it bumps up the nutrition with the powerful antioxidants in the Aronia berries.  Consider making in mini loaf pans to enjoy at home or give as gifts. 

  • 7 Ways Kindness Can Improve Your Health & Life

    Posted by Superberries Team on 11/13/2020 to Lifestyle
    Wold Kindness DayFriday, November 13, is World Kindness Day. On this day, we promote the idea that being kind is good for ourselves, for others, and for the world. It is a day to celebrate the positive impact we can have on others through small or large acts of generosity and compassion. While acts of kindness obviously can benefit others, they also positively affect those being kind. Here are 7 ways kindness can improve everyone’s lives today.

    7 Super Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

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    7 Super Ways to Celebrate Veterans DayVeterans Day is all about remembering, recognizing and thanking all those who served in our armed forces.  At Superberries we’ve put together a list of ideas on how to honor our veterans on Veterans Day and throughout the year.

    7 Ways To Get Quick Energy During the Holidays

    Posted by Superberries Team on 11/10/2020 to Health Tips
    The holiday countdown has begun.  Plans are underway for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. Holiday parties and activities may be virtual this year, but will still take time and energy.  Although it is the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most exhausting time of the year. Consider adding Superberries to your day to give you quick energy during the holidays and try these simple energy-boosting tips.  Also, check out the links to 66 other tips for more energy.

    Aroniaberry Purple Power Balls

    Posted by Superberries Team on 10/30/2020
    Aroniaberry Purple Power Balls
    We've made a favorite treat, Rice Krispies Treats, into a super treat by adding Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate to the mix.  Superberries Concentrate is delicious in water, juice, and smoothies, but it also adds a delicious berry flavor to treats like these Aroniaberry Purple Power Balls. Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate is made from the top antioxidant, the Aronia berry.  Decorate these treats for the Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Christmas, Mardi Gras, or any holiday. 

    7 Breathing Exercises for Relaxation and Improved Health

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      7 Breathing Exercises for Relaxation and Improved Health“Just breathe.” “Take a breath.” “Relax.” Whenever a stressful situation arises, someone is always quick to offer one of these helpful tips, but sometimes that feels easier said than done. The pandemic has brought steep learning curves and greater obstacles to our already over-scheduled lives. Taking that breath, though, really can help you navigate your stress. Here are 7 breathing exercises to help you relax and improve your general health.

    7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween

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    Superberries Blog 7 Ways to Celebrate HalloweenSpooky season is well underway. The crisp autumn leaves crunch underfoot and the sun sets earlier and earlier. Pumpkin displays and the candy aisle have completely taken over the grocery stores. Scary movies haunt the airways every night, and it’s the perfect time to snuggle up under a blanket and spend time with people you love. For many, Halloween is a time for dressing up, having fun, and expressing their creativity, and this year doesn’t have to be that different. Here are 7 ways to celebrate Halloween safely and successfully.

    7 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Pizza

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    Superberries Aroniaberry PizzaLike many Americans, I ordered a pizza this week. Mine came from a local brewpub, smothered with spicy giardiniera peppers, red onions, marinara, and mozzarella, and it was the perfect end to a long day.  Whether you sit down to a family dinner with plates and silverware or grab a quick folded slice from a street-side window, you will be enjoying one of America’s most beloved meals. The traditional mixture of acidic tomatoes, rich oils, and fresh herbs are the perfect combination of flavors. October is National Pizza Month, so as the days get shorter and nights longer, now is the time to indulge. Here are seven fun facts to help you enjoy your slices today.

    Reduce Breast Cancer Risks Through Nutrition

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One in eight women or about 12%  are affected by this disease. Since 2007, breast cancer death rates have been steady in women younger (50 and under), but have continued to decrease in older women. Breast cancer rates have been declining since 1989 due to the rise of new technology, early detection, and greater awareness and better nutrition.

    Celebrate the Pancake -- 7 International “Pancakes” For Your Family

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    Superberries Blog - 7 International Panacakes

    When Americans think of breakfast around the kitchen table with their families, many immediately think of warm, fluffy pancakes, often served with melted butter and maple syrup. Maybe your family is a little unconventional, eating your pancakes with jam or fruit or other toppings. No matter how they are eaten, pancakes are as American as apple pie or baseball. In fact, Americans love pancakes so much, that we celebrate National Pancake Day twice each year, on February 25 and September 26. We are not alone in our love of pancakes; most cultures make some variation of them. So, for National Pancake Day, consider making one of these 7 international “pancakes” for your family.

    7 Things That Make Berries a SuperFood

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    Bowl Of Berries including Aroniaberries
    There is a lot of talk these days about eating to stay healthy and which supplements you should be taking. Choosing an eating program or diet that is right for you can be daunting. One thing most experts agree on, though, is that including berries in your diet is an important step towards maintaining good health. Here are 7 things that make berries a superfood.

    7 Ways to Focus on Your Well Being

    Posted by Superberries Team on 9/11/2020
    7 Ways to Focus on Your Well Being |Superberries Blog

    People talk a lot about self-care, but what does that actually mean? Though some people make it seem as easy as scheduling a spa day or a pedicure, it really needs to be a consistent set of behaviors to have a lasting effect on your life. September is self-care month, and here are 7 ways you can focus on your well-being.

    7 Super For You Game Day Snacks

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    Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chew Snacks

    Add the Champion of Snacks, Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chews, to your Game Day.  You’ll love the berry delicious flavor and that you are taking your snack table to a new level of healthfulness. Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chews are made from organic Aroniaberry Concentrate and natural sweeteners.  Each bite delivers powerful antioxidants from the purple super fruit, the Aronia berry and a partial serving of fruit. 

    7 Super Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend and the End of Summer

    Posted by Superberries Team on 9/5/2020 to Lifestyle
    Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer. Say goodbye to long lazy days and relaxed schedules in a big way with these 7 ideas for the holiday weekend. Make a few of the bottles SUPER WATER by adding 1 ½ teaspoons of the top antioxidant Organic Aroniaberry Concentrate to each bottle to take along on your adventures. Also pack Superberries Aroniaberry Gummy Chews for an energy boost.

    7 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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    Superberries Blog - 7 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

    August is National Eye Exam Month. Because so many of us are spending more time in front of screens working than ever before, it is important to pay attention to our eye health. Behavior and nutrition both play a part in maintaining optimal eye function. Superberries Aroniaberries support eye health.  Here are 7 ways to help keep your eyes healthy every month.

    7 Ways to Enjoy Summer's End

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    7 Ways to Enjoy Summer's End | Superberries BlogWith only a few weeks left in the official summer season, you have just enough time to make the most of these beautiful days and temperate nights before autumn’s chill sets in. Though the fall has its own charms, it quickly gives way to winter. Taking advantage of these still-long days will help reduce stress and provide you with happy memories to tide you over until spring. Here are 7 ways to enjoy these last days of summer.

    7 Ways to Be Happier

    Posted by Superberries Team on 8/15/2020 to Health Tips
    7 Ways to Be Happier | Superberries BlogIf life in a global pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we need to choose happiness to be happy. Many of those activities we miss the most are activities that help us maintain our happiness. Most people in the U.S. are still concerned about contracting the virus and social distancing for their and their families’ safety. August, though, is Happiness Happens Month, so here are 7 ways you can maintain your happiness in this and any time of stress.

    7 Fruits You Should Be Eating for Your Health

    Posted by Superberries Team on 8/7/2020 to Health Tips
    7 Fruits & Veggies You Should Be Eating -- Superberries Blog
    Everyone has heard the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” We also know that citrus fruits and the Vitamin C they contain are beneficial to our immune systems and that the potassium in bananas is good for our muscles. There are many fruits beyond these staples, though, that can positively affect our bodies while tasting great. Here are 7 fruits to keep you happy and healthy all year.

    7 Ways to Get Ready to Go Back to School

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    7 Ways to Get Ready to Go Back to School | Superberries BlogThe beginning of this school year promises to be unique in many ways. Whether your students return to school full-time, participate in a hybrid plan, or work remotely from home, they are going to face some adjustments. Young people are resilient, and you might be surprised at how well they handle all the changes. Here are some ways to help your students be successful no matter how they will be learning this year.

    7 Super Recipes for Aronia Jelly and Jam

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    Aroniaberry JamFruit is one of summer’s greatest gifts, and if you grow your own, you might be wondering how to handle your bounty. For at least two-thousand years, people have been preserving fruits with sugar. The earliest known recipe was recorded by the Greeks for fruit cooked in honey. More complex methods for preserving fruits were brought to Europe from the Middle East during the Middle Ages, and when cane sugar arrived in Europe, we saw the creation of jams and jellies like we have today. Adding Aronia berries to your jelly and jam recipes will make them more flavorful and nutritious.  In our blog, we've found 7 recipes that give you yet another way to add nature's superfood to your diet. 

    Aroniaberry Jelly Made with Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate

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    Superberries Aroniaberry JellyIn this jelly recipe, we do the work for you.  Use our Aroniaberry Concentrate which is made from over 7 lbs. of pressed organic Aroniaberries in every bottle for the juice.  No need to boil berries. It is also Non-GMO. And because Aroniaberries don’t lose much of their antioxidant power when heated, this Aronia Jelly on toast or a muffin is a great way to get a dose of antioxidants into your day.

    7 Fun Facts About Ice Cream

    Posted by Superberries Team on 7/10/2020
    7 Fun Facts About Ice Cream
    It’s hard to imagine a summer without ice cream, and the July heat makes it an even more enticing treat. Americans consume an average of 23 pounds of ice cream per year and regular ice cream is the most popular of the frozen desserts.  Learn more about this frozen treat that we just can't get enough of. 

    Red, White and Berries: 7 Ways to Use Aroniaberries to Celebrate the 4th

    Posted by Superberries Team on 6/27/2020
    Aroniaberry Fruit Kabobs

    Although Blueberries tend to steal the show during the 4th of July, our Frozen Aroniaberries are a great addition to your berry recipes. The 2 lb. bags can go a long ways in creating patriotic desserts.  We’ve put some ideas together on how to create berry wonderful desserts and dishes to celebrate our nation’s birthday.  Not only are these desserts berry yummy,  they deliver powerful antioxidants even when used in baked items.