Aronia Berry- The Next Superfruit on the Block

Posted by Superberries on 1/24/2015 to Health Tips
In the health and fitness industry, receiving the tag as the ‘it product’ can be a fleeting experience. Super foods and diet fads hyped for the day are often pushed to the sidelines the next day. But there are some super foods that managed to last more than the usual 15-minutes of fame.

The Things You Need to Know about Antioxidants

Posted by SuperBerries on 1/15/2015 to Health Tips
There has been much talk about antioxidants in the past 25 years. They were lauded as the miracle cure for aging and disease. On the other hand, the scientific community was somewhat skeptical towards their effectiveness in disease prevention and treatment, especially when it comes to man-made antioxidants. But what are these chemical compounds, and how useful are they for us?