Super Benefits of the Superberry - Aronia

Posted by SuperBerries on 2/20/2015 to Health Tips
There has been a huge revival of curiosity in the aronia berry in recent years, especially since its countless benefits have emerged. Often called chokeberry, this dark berry is native to North America. It was part of the staple diet of Native Americans and early settlers because it was very healthy. Today, researchers and scientists are discovering the goodness of this berry and what a completely amazing super food it is. There has been ample research to suggest that the aronia berries are indeed some of nature's best health supplement. Scientific studies have indicated that dark skinned fruits and berries offer the most amount of nutrients and protective elements to people. From that point of view, the black aronia berry offers much more protection than cranberries and blackberries because it is indeed dark skinned.

Da Da Da Superberries

Posted by 3dcartSEMteam on 2/13/2015

Your health is everything.  If you are not feeling well, you don’t function at a hundred percent, and your world such as it is with job, spouse, kids, parents, work, school and everything in between requires you to function at top form twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.