Aroniaberries: A Cooking Flavoring Favorite

Posted by Superberries Team on 7/28/2016 to Aronia Berry Recipes
With the summer months upon us and the heat bearing down, I must admit that I am not as enthused about working in the kitchen as I am in the cooler months of the year. During these warmer  months, I generally look for good, healthful, unprocessed dishes I can prepare quickly with minimal effort that won’t slow me down physically and heat up the house. I’m also into food experimentation and this makes the Aronia Berry the perfect ingredient, as it mixes well with so many different flavors and is perfect for prepping quick, healthful meals.

Aronia Smoothies Fuel Cyclist's Workout

Posted by Superberries Team on 7/11/2016 to Health Tips
Over the course of the years I've been attempting different avenues to gain and keep the various nutrients I need and lose on my riding adventures. I've done research on-line, spoken to several trainers, fitness experts and nutritionists and the one item that seems to pop up in every conversation and in most of my on-line research is "on-the-go smoothies". There are different takes on how to prepare the smoothies. My smoothies are a mixture of Superberries Frozen Aronia Berries, kale, Greek yogurt, banana, dates, honey or pure maple syrup and whatever nuts I have hanging around the house (walnuts and pecans are my personal faves). I process the mix until smooth and freeze overnight in a six pack of miniature BPA free bottles.