7 Super Fun Activities for Fall

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/18/2021 to Lifestyle
Superberries Blog 7 Fun Activities for FallThe days are growing shorter, the nights longer, and, hopefully soon, the temperatures will begin dropping. The fall equinox occurs this year on September 22, marking the beginning of fall and the moment when the sun passes directly above Earth’s equator, making the day and night almost the same length. As summer gives way to autumn, it is the perfect time to spend time with our loved ones and create new family memories. No matter how old or young the members of your family are, here are seven fun activities for you to enjoy fall together. 

Aroniaberry Apple Dumplings

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/17/2021 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Aroniaberry Apple DumplingsWe've added our Superberries' Berry-liciousness to this classic American dessert, Apple Dumplings. In this recipe, we fill the center of the apples with our Chunky Aroniaberry Apple Sauce to deliver a dimensional flavorful dessert to truly savor. Get our recipe.

7 Super Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Posted by Superberries on 9/11/2021 to Health Tips
7 -Super-Ways-to-Take-Care-of-YourselfAlthough it seems indulgent, me-time should be at the top of your Get Healthy List.  Putting yourself and your needs on the back burner can lead to feeling run down and stressed out. Not taking time for yourself can also make you physically ill.  We’ve put together a list of our favorite self-care ideas plus links to over a 100 other taking better care of yourself recommendations.  

Aroniaberry Apple Pie Hot Dogs

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/10/2021 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Aroniaberry Apple Pie Hot DogsWe were inspired to make Guy Fieri's Apple Pie Hot Dog recipe even more All American by adding Superberries Aroniaberries to the mix.  Aroniaberries are native to North America and have been used for centuries for health and wellness purposes as well as in jellies, jams, and baking. We think the mayor of Flavortown would be proud of our remake of his recipe.

Aroniaberry Chunky Apple Sauce

Posted by Superberries Team on 9/3/2021 to Aronia Berry Recipes
Aroniaberry Chunky Apple SauceOur Superberries Aroniaberry Chunky Apple Sauce makes a colorful side for any meal.  Use it to slather on hot dogs, jazz up salads, or you can also make your sandwiches more gourmet by adding our Aroniaberry Apple Sauce. Use it to top chicken, fish, or pork dishes. The sauce can also be used on a cheese charcuterie boards for an extra pop of color. Or add it to fruit dips for a berry wonderful flavor or texture.