Superberries Health Tips: Nature's Remedies - Berries, Oils, and Spices

Posted by Superberries on 1/23/2017 to Health Tips


Top Fruits for Health and Wellness
With so many options out there in the world of fruits, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which fruits contain the best source of nutrients. Berries are at the top of the list with Blueberries, Elderberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and of course, the best berry over all, the Superberries Aronia Berry. The Berries contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants in the fruit world and may work to prevent a variety of health issues. Oranges are an excellent fruit with a high source of Vitamin C coupled with a dose of potassium and hesperidin, which may work to lower cholesterol levels. Apples, with skin intact, provide a high dose of daily fiber. The apple, like the berries, is heavy with antioxidant properties and may fight a host of diseases. Bananas contain potassium and may help lower the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Kiwis are one of the highest sources of vitamin C on the planet. They may work to protect the eyes and prevent DNA damage. Darker grapes contain a high amount of resveratrol, which may help fight heart disease and circulatory issues. Finally, papayas may aid with good digestion. The seeds of the papaya contain a high dose of papain and may promote both a healthy liver and a healthy digestive system. Adding a bit more fruit to a well-balanced diet will bring a bit of sunshine to your day and give your health and wellness a colorful and tasty boost. Do your fruit.

All in for the Essential Oils

Finding the path to health and wellness can take a turn to essential oils. Some of the better essential oils to use in the home are Clove, which may help combat dental issues. Chamomile Oil may work to reduce inflammation. Lavender Oil may reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Ginger Oil helps reduce the symptoms of nausea and may also work as an anti-inflammatory. Peppermint oil may boost energy levels and increase brain function. Eucalyptus Oil has been proven to open congested sinus passages and clear bodily airways. Frankincense Oil may aid in regulating the menstrual cycle and reduce the severity of cold viruses. Lemon Oil is a perfect natural cleaner working as a disinfectant on surfaces and dishes. Grapefruit Oil may work to improve mental clarity and memory. Rosemary Oil may relieve mental fatigue and works well in shampoo as a dandruff remover. Finally, Sandalwood Oil might assist with the libido and improve energy levels as well. Adding a dose of essential oils to a well-balanced diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia+ Daily Wellness Shots can keep you in the thick of health and wellness. 

Spice of Life
Supporting health and wellness comes first and foremost from the foods we eat. In fact, some of the most powerful agents of health and wellness may be found as near as your spice cabinet.  For example, Ginger may reduce inflammation and ease the symptoms of nausea. Turmeric and Cumin are possible powerhouse spices in fighting everything from inflammation to the more chronic diseases. Curry powder may aid in immune system response, circulation and the prevention of heart disease. Rosemary and Sage are common sister herbs that may relieve headaches, boost brain activity and work as an anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon is exceptionally high in antioxidants, may help lower blood sugar levels and even work to protect dental health. Chili powders may boost circulation and strengthen blood vessels. Parsley is a great source of Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Parsley may also support healthy kidney function and assist in the reduction of inflammation. And of course, who could forget Garlic? Garlic is exceptionally high on the nutrition scale with very few calories. Garlic may combat a variety of illnesses including the common cold and it may improve cholesterol levels thereby reducing stress on the circulatory system. Supplement your diet with the spice of life and add a touch of additional antioxidants with Superberries Frozen Aronia Berries into the mix.