3 Tips to Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Posted by Superberries on 12/4/2017 to Health Tips

Manage Expectations and Don't Overextend Yourself

With the holiday season nearly upon us our schedules become frenetic and we can easily get lost in the chaos that sometimes surrounds the season. Depression, anxiety and frustration can mount especially when the “perfect” holiday routine isn’t so perfect. However, there are a few tips you can use to lose the “holiday blues”. 

Attempt to keep routine activity in your daily life, but be flexible and roll with the changes. Ground yourself in reality and don’t expect the perfect picturesque holiday. Remember, we are all human and perfection is seldom in the cards of reality for any of us. Keep focusing on enjoying the moment and live in the now. Worrying about tomorrow or the next family get-together only increases holiday related anxiety.

Look for a sympathetic shoulder to lean on and ask for assistance. People tend to overextend themselves on holidays and fail to ask for help when needed. Find time to meditate. Mindfulness for ten to fifteen minutes can alleviate much stress or depression surrounding the holidays. Finally, eat a well-balanced diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia Berry Concentrate to keep the “jingle” in your step and help maintain health and wellness throughout the holiday season.

Eat Well Throughout the Holidays

Eating well throughout the holidays can present a challenge to even the most ardent exercise and diet enthusiast. Studies have shown one of the better ways to avoid high fat, high calorie foods is to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Subjects in the studies who had less than seven hours of sleep were less full and chose higher calorie, higher fat foods than those with more rest. 

Use a smaller plate to downsize the portions and choose larger portions of lower calories foods such as fruits and vegetables and smaller portions of high calorie foods such as chips, dips and desserts. Limit consumption of alcohol to five ounces and limit high calorie drinks such as soda or eggnog. Go for water, tea or coffee instead. 

Don’t skip regular meals. Skipping meals only increases the temptation to overindulge. Consume foods higher in fiber content such as Superberries Frozen Aronia Berries. The fiber content will give a feeling of “fullness” and help curb the appetite. With a few easy tips to curb appetite, a person can indulge in the holiday cheer without overindulging and maintain overall health and wellness throughout the season.

Maintain a Fitness Routine

Keeping fit throughout the holiday season can be a chore. With family, friends and office parties, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain an exercise routine and keep energized for fitness. To maintain an exercise routine throughout the holiday season schedule time for exercise with a partner. Having a partner can keep a person accountable and on routine throughout the holidays. Just make certain your partner has the same fitness goals and fitness interest as you do. 

Shorten the workouts by doing an intense 20 minute interval workout three times a week. Interval workouts burn more calories in shorter periods of time and can actually strengthen and maintain optimum heart health. On off days, take ten to fifteen minutes to strengthen the core by doing core exercises or a yoga routine to alleviate the holiday stress and maintain flexibility in the muscles and joints.

Exercise in the morning. Studies show people are more likely to exercise at the start of the day than at the finish of the day. Using these simple tips and enhancing your energy with Superberries Aronia+ Daily Wellness Shots will keep you “jolly as holly” and in prime health and wellness this holiday season.