Love Your Heart with Aroniaberries

Posted by Superberries on 1/31/2020 to Health Tips

Love Your Heart With Aroniaberries

February is National Heart Health Month and what better way to love your heart than adding Superberries Aronia Berries to a well-balanced diet.  As stated in earlier blogs, a diet rich in fruits, nuts, and berries such as the Aronia Berry may boost circulation and enhance cardiovascular health.  There are many indications in several promising studies that adding berries, in particular, Aronia Berries, to the diet,  may support your cardiovascular system. 

In the Journal of American Nutrition, a study in healthy men revealed that the men that consumed Aronia berry (poly)phenols had improved endothelial (blood vessel) function and gut bacteria, indicating that regular Aronia Consumption has the potential to maintain cardiovascular health in individuals.

A research review published in June of 2019, in Phytotherapy Researchsupports earlier research that eating Aroniaberries supports heart health benefits.  According to the research, the daily consumption of Aroniaberries can significantly improve cholesterol levels.

A promising study  ( at the University of Warsaw in Poland found that the flavonoids in chokeberry (Aronia Berry) extract actually reduced the severity of inflammation in cardio patients and reduced blood pressure levels significantly. At the conclusion of the study, the researchers decided that Aronia Berries and Aronia Berry concentrate may be used in conjunction with statins as a secondary source of prevention for the further effects of heart disease.

Additional studies performed thereafter have come to the same conclusions on the Aronia Berry and its potential effects regarding heart health and wellness. Another study completed by the Department of Food Chemistry and Institute of Nutritional Science at the University of Potsdam in Germany found that a steady diet of Aronia Berry extracts and Aronia Berries may positively reduce several risk factors leading to cardiovascular disease. The research showed the phenolics in the chokeberry may actually contribute to the protection and even the restoration of endothelium cells, the cells lining the blood vessels and the heart, as well as additional organs throughout the body.

The study ( also found that men with mildly high cholesterol levels who drank 8 oz. of chokeberry juice for a total of six weeks saw a decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while HDL (good) cholesterol levels were raised. Additionally, the study found a similar effect on blood pressure, noting that there was a decrease in both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in subjects consuming the Aronia Berry extracts.

The study from the University of Potsdam concluded that the chokeberry is one of the best fruit resources of “highly interesting” phytochemicals (biologically active compounds in plants) such as cyanidins and anthocyanins. The researchers stated that the antioxidant levels of phenols in the chokeberry may have a wide range of potential “medicinal and therapeutic” benefits. However, the researchers also indicated that further studies were still needed to ascertain the full potential of health and wellness benefits regarding the Aronia effect on the circulatory system.

While future studies and results are yet to be conducted, the information coming from the scientific community regarding the Aronia Berry is very encouraging. So, in essence, be your heart’s valentine this year and treat your cardiovascular system to a combination of exercise, weight loss and a well-balanced nutritious diet supplemented by Superberries Aronia Berries. Feel the “power of purple”. 


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