Keep Resolutions Running Strong Throughout 2017

Posted by Superberries on 12/29/2016 to Health Tips

2017 is nearly upon us and there are certain to be several New Year’s Resolutions made and several resolutions broken. The most popular resolutions generally center around health and fitness and entail joining a gym, restructuring the diet or curtailing an unhealthy habit. Many people resolve to begin an exercise routine, lose weight or make a change in a variety of unhealthy habits that affect their lifestyle. Yet, studies show that ONLY eight percent of people achieve their set New Year’s resolutions.

So, how can we keep our resolve running strong throughout the coming year? The most important key to overcoming the obstacles on the resolution path is setting attainable goals. Most novices in exercise and diet set lofty goals and determine to go the distance in an unreasonably short period of time. This can quickly set a person on a course to failure. Paraphrasing the wise words of E. L. James, “we must first learn to walk before we can run”.

A new exercise, diet or lifestyle change is never easy for the uninitiated. The key to maintaining a resolution is setting a reasonable goal and making only ONE resolution instead of many. Making several lifestyle resolutions at once can be overwhelming and ultimately lead a person to abandon their goals by slipping backward into unhealthy habits. Particularly if the results aren’t coming as fast as they would like. Instead, set the resolution in increments. In other words, set one long term goal with several smaller goals along the way, making each goal attainable in a reasonable amount of time and setting valid target dates for each increment.

Break up the exercise routine. In other words, change up the workouts on a regular basis. Various experts have found breaking up the routine can curtail boredom in the novice and keep a person energized for their next workout routine. Several experts also encourage the novice to enhance the mood with energetic music in order to get that extra aerobic “step up”, strive on to that next half mile or push an additional five pounds on the weight bench.

Don’t deny yourself. Giving up sweets completely is unrealistic and can quickly set you up for failure. Instead of denying yourself, moderate your sweet tooth by indulging sparingly. Various studies have shown that people who initially cut sweets entirely from their diet are more likely to binge at some point. So, have that piece of chocolate, but do so only in moderation, or do a cheat day. If you indulge in that cheeseburger or chocolate shake from time to time, that’s okay. Yet, keep it to a minimum and exercise portion control by eating less of the unhealthy foods and more healthier fare. Take a step by step approach in diet to “ween” yourself off the burgers and fries, shakes and candy bars and move more into the lean meats, greens, veggies, Superberries Aronia Berries and other fruits. Going “cold turkey” off the processed, fried and sugar laden foods can set you up for failure.

Cook foods from scratch. Several experts agree that cooking from scratch can have a profound effect on maintaining and even losing weight because YOU control the ingredients in your food. Cooking from scratch is more likely to offset much of the processed, preserved and sugary ingredients contained in packaged goods.

To attain and maintain your New Year’s resolution in exercise and diet, some studies also encourage the “buddy system”. That is, find a partner with the same fitness and dietary goals and the same fitness make-up as you. You’re more apt to continue your program with a partner challenging and encouraging you to do your best and maintain your course.

Lastly, begin an exercise or dietary program under the careful eye of an experienced fitness trainer or licensed dietician and speak with your physician before starting any exercise or dietary program. With a few simple adjustments, working to educate yourself by consulting with the right experts and knowing your limitations, you can make and keep your New Year’s Resolution and live 2017 in the picture-perfect health and wellness.

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