Our Story

Driven to support his personal experience with scientific proof of the Aronia berries health benefits, Kenny was instrumental in supporting numerous studies both foreign and domestic.

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The Superberries® story began in the mid-90s when Kenny Sailors learned of the amazing health and wellness benefits of the Aronia berry, nature’s healer and protector. Excited by his discovery of this little-known superfruit, Kenny devoted himself to learning all he could about this powerful berry. Before long, he was planting Aronia berry bushes, and dedicating most of his time to growing and maintaining them.

Inspired by the berry’s potential, Kenny began selling Aronia berry products under the Superberries® brand name in a small store in Omaha, Nebraska. The business grew rapidly, primarily through word-of-mouth, because of the health benefits people were experiencing. To keep up with ever-increasing consumer demand, Kenny partnered with Westin Foods to form Mae’s Health and Wellness, LLC.

Kenny’s passion for Superberries is very personal. It comes from seeing firsthand how this tiny purple berry has improved the health and well-being of his close friends and family—particularly his brother.

When his brother was suffering from liver failure, Kenny took him home from the hospital and fed him a steady diet of Aronia berries (also known as chokeberries). As his brother’s health improved, he began gaining weight, returned to work, and lived well beyond what his doctors had expected.

Driven to support his personal experience with scientific proof of the aroniaberry’s health benefits,  Kenny was instrumental in supporting numerous studies, both foreign and domestic. Although Kenny has retired from Superberries, his passion for the Aronia berry and its health benefits lives on in our dedicated team of employees.

In addition, Kenny’s passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the Aronia berry have aided in the revitalization of the plant in the United States. For years Kenny led seminars for potential growers and acted as a private consultant for those who were interested in learning how to grow and harvest successful berries. Now hundreds of farmers in the Midwest and throughout the country are growing Aronia berries.

It is because of Kenny's personal experience and our customers' amazing testimonials, we continue to sell and spread the word about the benefits of Superberries. Kenny’s vast experience in growing, developing, and selling Aronia berry products has made him a legend in establishing Superberries, nature's healer and protector as a leader in the Aronia berry industry.

I've been using Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate for three months and it has really helped my joints.