Press Release Superberries Wins Packaging Award

Omaha, NE  -- TricorBraun, one of the world’s largest suppliers of jars, bottles and other packaging, won an international award for the design of the the Superberries 100% Pure Aronia Concentrate  bottle in the WorldStar packaging competition.   WorldStar awards are presented for packages that have already won a national competition.  The Superberries bottle, proudly distributed via Mae’s Health and Wellness, earned The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) national Ameristar Award in 2011.

Superberries enlisted TricorBraun to redesign their existing bottle so that it would be more attractive and communicate the benefits of the Aroniaberry Juice Concentrate. The innovative bottle design is a significant improvement over the round bottle with a standard lid closure. The new bottle is slender and easy to hold. The rounded shape of the upper half of the bottle reveals the pure juice inside. The new, easy open version of a flip-top lid can be opened with one hand making it more convenient.

From a marketing perspective, the design contributes to product image and shelf impact. The elongated round shape at the top of the package draws the eye to the embossed logo enhancing the Superberries brand. The tall, slender bottle conveys a healthy image – use this product and you will feel stronger and healthier. With the attractive bottle, it is more likely that a consumer will pick up the package and read about the product benefits. 

Switching from a labeled bottle to direct print with organic inks reduced label, adhesive components and increased recyclability of the package.  The bottle’s weight was decreased by 13 percent, to 36 grams from 41 grams. The lighter weight bottle decreased packaging costs as well.

Superberries is a brand of health and wellness products featuring nature’s healer and protector – the aroniaberry.  The aroniaberry is native to North America and has been utilized for years by those who seek alternative health choices through foods that contain multiple benefits for overall wellness.  Superberries has developed a product line including:  Freshly Frozen Aroniaberries, 100% Pure, Aroniaberry Concentrate, and Aroniaberry Gummy Chews. Superberries is headquartered in Omaha, NE.

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I've been using Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate for three months and it has really helped my joints.