Superberries Aroniaberry Nectarine Tart (Delicious with Peaches too!)

Posted by Superberries Team on 8/22/2022 to Aronia Berry Recipes

Superberries Aroniaberry Nectarine-Peach Tart

Superberries Aronia berries are super good for you but they are also delicious in baked goods.  This Aronia berry Nectarine or Peach Tart will be your new go-to dessert with a simple ingredient (only five) list   Superberries Aronia berries are a super food with more antioxidants than most fruits or berries.  And because of the high level of antioxidants, Aronia berries don’t lose their wellness power while cooking or baking.  So, in addition to having a super dessert that berry yummy, you’ll be eating powerful antioxidants in every bite.


1 package Ready-rolled Puff Pastry or Pie Crust

5 to 6 Nectarines or Peaches (sliced)

1/2 cup Water

3/4 cup Fresh Frozen Aroniaberries

1/2 cup Apricot Jam

Whipped Cream


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Unroll pastry onto a lined or greased baking sheet or parchment paper on baking sheet. In a small saucepan mix apricot jam and water together. Boil until well combined. Remove pits from the nectarines or peaches. Slice each one thinly into about 12 wedges. Arrange the fruit in concentric circles on the pastry.  Scatter the Aroniaberries over the fruit and sprinkle sugar over the top. Drizzle the apricot mixture of the nectarines/peaches and Aronia berries. Fold the crust over the filling. Bake for 45 minutes until pastry is golden brown and filling is bubbling slightly. Serve warm with whipped cream.