7 Super Ways to Enjoy Camping This June

Posted by Superberries Team on 6/13/2020 to Lifestyle

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June is National Camping Month and what better way to shake off the quarantine blahs and to welcome summer by experiencing the great outdoors. Whether you are an experienced camper or just adjusting to the idea of sleeping under the stars, you will benefit from taking some time away from your daily life, slowing down, and enjoying nature’s offerings. Here are seven super ways to enjoying camping this year.

1. State and National Park Campgrounds

Most state and national parks have campgrounds for tent camping. This is an excellent option for people who are just learning about camping. Other campers might have camping wisdom to offer and you might make some new friends. You will also be close to ranger support if you run into any problems. Make sure to reserve a camping spot ahead of time on the park websites and to follow all posted safety regulations. Camping in these parks requires park permits as well as payment of camping fees. To find campgrounds in national parks, visit https://www.nps.gov/subjects/camping/campground.htm and to find public campgrounds in the United States or Canada, visit http://www.uscampgrounds.info/

2. Wilderness Camping

Though this might be appealing to more experienced campers, with a little preparation, even novices can enjoy the beauty of camping off the beaten path. Make sure to do some research about what type of gear to bring and any special safety regulations for the area. Wilderness camping provides solitude and quiet away from busy campgrounds so you can really enjoy the sounds and smells of nature. Don’t overpack, because you have to carry it all, and don’t forget to pack out everything you pack in. Most people are familiar with hiking and camping, but don’t forget that you can bike and camp, too, and many rural bike trails have camping areas along their routes. www.railstotrails.org provides information about biking campsites.

3. Private Campgrounds

There are a number of private campground companies across the United States. Each one offers different levels of amenities such as showers, pools, and wifi. Some of them cater primarily to RV camping, but many offer tent camping space as well. You can search for public and private campgrounds across the United States at https://www.reserveamerica.com/. There is always a fee for camping in private campgrounds and the more amenities the more the fees.

4. Glamping and Car Camping

Glamping is a portmanteau word for glamorous camping, a term referring to camping in special accommodations such as cabins, yurts, and tree houses, to name a few. Many national, state, and private campgrounds offer glamping options. Car camping is often considered a type of glamping, but it is an excellent option for families with small children or people who do not own a lot of special equipment. Although you can sleep in your car if there is room, usually people pitch tents or lay their sleeping bags out right next to their cars so they can have all of their supplies handy without having to unpack them in a campground setting. This makes cleanup easy and gives you peace of mind by protecting your food and other items from wild animals.

5. City Park Camping

Many small towns across the United States allow people to camp in their city parks if they call ahead and make a reservation. This is convenient if you are on a long road trip. A few benefits of this type of camping are that it is usually free or cheaper than private campgrounds, you will probably be the only people doing it, and there are usually restaurants close by for dinner so you don’t have to travel with much food. It’s also an amazing opportunity to visit some towns you wouldn’t normally stop in and get to know the people in the states you are visiting.

6. RV Camping

If you are lucky enough to own your own RV, then you already know how convenient they can be, allowing you to carry all your possessions with you right in your portable home. If you don’t have your own, though, you can still experience RV camping by renting an RV for your trip. Many companies across the US offer RV rental. With an RV, you can stay in national, state, and private campgrounds, and you have everything you need right in your vehicle. If you are considering purchasing an RV, renting one is a great way to learn about what type of RV is right for you and your family.

7. Backyard Camping

If the idea of sleeping under the stars appeals to you, but you aren’t ready to commit to the full camping experience, backyard camping might be an excellent first step. Being so close to home has a lot of benefits, especially if you don’t yet own camping gear. Children especially love to be creative, and you can use blankets draped over clotheslines or picnic tables to create a tent, and if you aren’t ready to build your own campfire, a grill will do the trick. Best of all, your bathroom is close by.

Whether you choose the full wilderness camping experience, backyard camping, or something in-between, don’t forget that your camping meals don’t have to be bland. Camping stores offer some amazing freeze-dried meals or you can cook gourmet meals over the fire. Make sure to bring along healthy snacks to fuel your outdoor activities. Aroniaberry Gummy Chews in 100-calorie packs are a nutritious and delicious way to keep your engine running so you can enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer.