Night Before Christmas with Superberries

Posted by Scott McKenzie on 12/23/2016 to About the Aroniaberry

With the scent of the Holidays hanging loftily in the air

And peace on earth good will toward men in our hearts to share
We trudge out into wintry mix with list in hand
Searching far and wide across the resplendent land

Singing carols under our breath or courageously aloud
Joining brother and sister in the heavily bustling crowd
Playing St. Nick and seeking that perfect gift
Sometimes finding none and needing a bit of a lift

Yet, in our duress we’ve nothing to fear
With Superberries so full of ample purple Aronia cheer
Gathering together round ol’ Yuletide log
With gifts for the family entire, even the dog

There’s the Aronia+ Daily Wellness Shot for all
Enhancing energy for both big and for small
Aronia, Acerola and Organic Agave
Mingled with the crisping hint of organic Green Tea
A boost to the immune system for you and for me

Or try the Aronia Gummy Chews, by gum and by golly
A perfect stocking stuffer to keep all in spirit so warm
And oh so wonderfully jolly
Available in easy to carry 100 calorie packs
Or the 1 pound bag upon which to snack

There’s the 16 oz bottle of Aronia Concentrate
Health and wellness getting you up to that Holiday date
All Organic and even non-GMO, packaged BPA free
With labeling and ingredients for all the world to see

And don’t forget our Freshly Frozen Aronia Berry
Bringing to the season a touch of purple North Pole merry
It’s a smoothie delicious aborning
And a perfect “pick me up” on Christmas morning

Or do the Deluxe Combo Pack and bring it all on
By doing a visit to
Weathering the winter or surviving the shopping
The Aronia Berry is certain to keep you hopping

Antioxidants galore
Free radicals no more
Give your body the holiday boost
As the relatives come home to the roost

Rise to the Holiday occasion
With the power of purple in the Aronia Berry sensation
But most of all, let us walk forward together in peace and good will
Hand in hand we overcome winter’s harshest chill
Join together in singing bountiful brotherly and sisterly call
And from those of us at Superberries Happy Holidays to all. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave