Superberries Snack Pack - 2 Aroniaberry+ Shots & (2) 100 Calorie Packs of Aroniaberry Gummy Chews


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Have you been wanting to try other Superberries products?  Need the perfect on-the-go-snack?  This is it!

Two 2 oz. Organic Superberries Aroniaberry+ Shots. Aroniaberry+ is an organic energy enhancer shot filled with berry goodness.  The shot contains the Aroniaberry is known for its high amounts of antioxidants, the Acerola berry (known for its Vitamin C), combined with Green Tea. Drink Aroniaberry+ by itself, or combine it with your favorite beverage for a great-tasting, refreshing go-to shot. Also available in a 12 pack. Each bottle contains 100% of your daily Vitamin C and antioxidants. It is gluten, dairy and fat-free with only 60 calories. This product contains no GMO ingredients. Also see our 12 pack of Aroniaberry+.

Two 100 Calorie packs of Aroniaberry Gummy Chews (10 to 11 chews per package). Berry great tasting and great for the entire family  "ALL" Aroniaberry Gummy Chews. These chews are made from 100% organic Aroniaberry Concentrate and organic sweeteners. With only 100 calories per serving, these chews are the perfect solution if you are counting calories, looking for a great tasting snack or if you need a pick-me-up after a long workout. Also, see the 16 oz. bag of Aroniaberry Gummy Chews or the 10 count bag of 100 Calorie Aroniaberry Gummy Chews.

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I've been using Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate for three months and it has really helped my joints.