Get Into the Spring of Things

Posted by Superberries on 3/23/2018 to Health Tips

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For some people New Year’s is when they kick their fitness into high gear.  Others may wait for warm weather to come out of fitness hibernation.  Here’s a few tips to ease back into a healthy lifestyle if you’ve spent the winter on the couch.

Ease back in If you’ve fallen out of a fitness routine, it’s okay to start out slow. Join a health club now (Most of the New Year’s crowd has thinned out).  Sign up for an exercise class like yoga, water aerobics or a cycling class. Join a neighborhood walking club or pick a new place to take an easy nature hike a few days a week

Make it simple  Start with adding exercise or an activity a few days a week and slowly add more days. Walk 10 minutes a day with the goal of 30 minutes a day or try to take three10-minute walks a day.

Do something different  Hike, bike, swim or take a fitness class you haven’t taken before. Buy a new exercise DVD or exercise equipment. Go explore. Find a new nature area, bike path or tourist attraction to walk around and learn new things.

Make small changes With your diet, add a new food that has additional health benefits, like the aroniaberry.  Cut out one thing you know is bad for you in your diet.  With exercise walk further when you park your car or walk to the grocery store or a restaurant once a week.

Plan your meals Meal prepping is a great way to avoid fast food.  If it is overwhelming, plan three days of the week.  Create smoothie kits with plastic bags or mason jars to get more fruits or veggies into your diet. Visit the salad aisles of your store to add new exciting toppings to your salads.  Try new fruits and vegetables.

Make it a daily habit.  Although you may groan.  Wake up an hour early and go to the gym or for a walk. Start with three days a week and add more or an additional activity as the weather gets warmer. Make your wellness program a priority. 

Become an active volunteer  Raise your hand to help cleanup the neighborhood at your next meeting.  Walking through the neighborhood is a good way to get additional steps in and will make you feel better by simply doing something for your others.