Red, White and Berries: 7 Ways to Use Aroniaberries to Celebrate Patriotic Holidays

Posted by Superberries Team on 6/28/2024 to Aronia Berry Recipes

Although Blueberries tend to steal the show during Patriotic Holidays our Frozen Aroniaberries are a great addition to your berry recipes. The 2 lb. bags can go a long ways in creating patriotic desserts.  We’ve put some ideas together on how to create berry wonderful desserts and dishes to celebrate our nation.  Not only are these desserts berry yummy,  they deliver powerful antioxidants even when used in baked items.

Make Red, White and Blue Fruit Kabobs

Use our Aroniaberries, with marshmallows and star-shaped watermelon to create these patriotic fruit kabobs.  Lightly coat our berries with honey to make them sweeter.  Also consider covering our aroniaberries in white chocolate and use instead of marshmallows for a healthier option.

Aroniaberry Pies

Create Pint Size Pies

Use our Triple Berry Pie Recipe to create fun patriotic pint size pies.  Adorn them with stars and stripes made from left over crust.  Also go panless.  Make a pie tart by just folding over the crust and adding pie filling.  Bake on a cookie sheet.

Aroniaberry Parfaits

Serve Up Berry Wonderful Parfaits

Use Superberries Aroniaberries to create red, white, and purple parfaits.  We love combining red berries like cherries and strawberries with our aroniaberries to create desserts like this Aronia Berry Cherry Parfait. 

Aroniaberry Smoothie Bowl - Patriotic

Blend Berrylicious Smoothie Bowls

Add Frozen Aroniaberries to your smoothie bowls for delicious smoothies or toppings.  Our berries deliver top nutrients from nature that are oh so good and tasty. Also splash Aroniaberry Concentrate into your smoothies for extra berry power.

Aroniaberry Ice Cream

Add Berry Wonderful Ice Cream Toppings

Ice cream shops around the country are discovering the wonderful flavor of our Aroniaberries.  Use our berries as a mix in or create our delicious Aroniaberry Sauce to top your homemade ice cream.  Also add our Aroniaberry Concentrate for a berry wonderful pink or purple color.  

Aroniaberry Cocktail

Stir up a Berry Yummy Cocktail

Include a splash of Aroniaberry Concentrate in your favorite cocktail, tea or summer drink for an over the top, berry-licious beverage.    Add our berries for an infusion of antioxidants and stunning berry color.


Layer Red, White and Berries in Yogurt Cups

Assorted berries and our Frozen Aroniaberries paired with yogurt and granola are the ultimate summer dessert, breakfast or snack.  Layer in clear cups and create different variations of fruit for a pleasing addition to your breakfast buffet or picnic.